We’re proud to be Seattle’s premier DJ service company, providing Professional Sound for the Puget Sound.

Oddom Pech, Co-Founder of 206dj or also referred to as Chief of Sound Quality is an audio and technology fiend. He always has the knowledge about the latest gizmos and sound equipment. You can find Oddom mastering Pro Tools and recording music in his free time.

Sokha Danh, Co-Founder of 206dj bought his first pair of turntables when he was 16-years old. He’s been infatuated with music, artists and vinyl records ever since. When Sokha is not doing something related to music, you can find him using his business degree to other good uses.

A candid picture of us deejaying for a crowd of over 500 people for the Cambodian New Year in Seattle, Washington.  2009.

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